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2013-2014 Season  
Fences 04/23/14 To 05/11/14
By August Wilson. Troy Maxson, one of the greatest characters of American theater, has stepped up to the plate too many times in his life only to go down swinging. Shut out of the big leagues by prejudice, the former Negro League homerun king is now a garbage collector just trying to make a living and do right by his family. When his youngest son shows promise on the high school football team, Troy must come to terms with his past disappointments or risk tearing his family apart. Running Time: 2 hours and 30 minutes, including one intermission.
Ladybug Girl & Bumblebee Boy
Ladybug Girl & Bumblebee Boy 05/24/14 To 06/08/14
Part of MTC's new theater for young audiences series. This brand new musical will buzz into your heart, as Lulu, Sam and their playground friends explore the power of imagination. A Bay Area Children's Theatre production. Running Time: One hour.
Failure: A Love Story
Failure: A Love Story 06/05/14 To 06/29/14
By Philip Dawkins. With the very opening lines, we learn the basic plot of this anything-but-predictable new play set in 1920s Chicago: the three Fail sisters – Nelly, Jenny June and Gerty – have very little time left. But before it’s curtains for each young woman, she finds love and happiness in this quirky, macabre fantasia that examines the truism: “’Tis better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all.” Running Time: TBD
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